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Directors, their address, and legal requirements

If you form a limited company there are many responsibilities as a director.  One of these is about accounting and one is about transparency of your address.

All company directors need to report certain addresses to Companies House, and these will appear on the public record.

Old documents are still searchable, so details of your home may still appear, even if you don’t want it to.

Types of address

So what are these addresses and how are they used?

Registered office: this always appears and it is where the company can be served legal papers.  If you change Registered Office, the old one can be used for legal service for 14 days after it appears on the public record.  Not 14 days after the form is signed.

Directors home address: this does NOT appear on the public record.  However it is accessible to credit agencies, Police and a few other authorised bodies.

Directors service address: this is the mailing address used to communicate with the director.  It appears on the public record.  Often the Registered Office is used for this, but you can use any address you want.  If you use your home address then it will obviouslyappear on the public record.

As a director, it is your responsibility to keep these addresses up to date and correct.

If you have a Person with Significant Control (“PSC”) who is not a director, then the same rules applies; and you have the same responsibilities.

Now: if you are sitting comfortably, here’s a short infomercial from Companies House to explain further.

Companies House is a good source of information for business owners.

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